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Download the program from the web site http://www.ddplan.com/dload/ If you are getting the DOS version, get the .ZIP file, for Unix, there will be a tar.gz file with the name of your Unix (if supported) and save it in some temporary directory/folder (eg. /tmp on Unix, C:\TEMP under DOS).

Change directory/folder to somewhere suitable and unpack/extract the files. It should create it's own directory/folder as it unpacks. It's important that you unpack it into a new directory/folder - don't try to install it on top of an existing installation!

You should end up with a directory/folder called ddplan.YZZ and inside that there will be the executable (either ddplan.exe in the DOS world, or just ddplan in the Unix world), a file called test.ddp and a sub-directory/folder called data. The data directory/folder contains the Buhlmann model files and various system settings like gas-sets and so on. The YZZ part of the directory/folder name represents the major and minor version numbers. The initial release was version 2.00 (So the directory name will be ddplan.200) DDPLAN will only ever be released to the general public with minor release numbers which are multiples of 5. Eg. 2.00, 2.05, 2.10 and so on. Beta testers might end up with in-between development versions, but the final releases will always be in multiples of 5.

Note: For DDPLAN Versions 2.15 and up: You can copy the data\settings.ddp file from the version 2.10 folder into the data folder in the 2.15 version. Version 2.15 will only understand the settings file from version 2.10, no other version. It will detect the version 2.10 settings file and automatically convert it to a new format which will be upwardly compatable with all new versions of DDPLAN.

If you don't copy the old settings file (and you don't have to!), then you should go to the settings screen and make sure that the settings you want are correct before you run any profiles through the system.

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Gordon Henderson